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Regeneratief Denken

Leaving the world a better place

Regenerative mindset

The concept of regenerative economics, we can most easily understand by looking at nature - where the idea came from in the first place. Success stories in nature are regenerative. A process of renewal that leads to a higher form of health, wealth and vitality. Entrepreneurship can also be approached in this way. Whereas sustainability strives for a smaller environmental impact, the regenerative school aims to bring about an improvement in the living environment. The regenerative economy differs from current approaches to sustainability in that instead of focusing on the health of society and the environment using traditional reductionist logic to "solve problems," it focuses directly on building healthy human networks as a goal, building on universal principles and patterns, where "sustainability" becomes an outcome, a natural byproduct of systemic health. 

Yet the regenerative is in the small details. We employ with UR.zone a "service" model where we lease the carpet tiles and human centric lighting as products-as-a-service but also the furniture as furniture-as-a-service. We use the products while the manufacturer remains the owner of the product. The manufacturer remains responsible and takes back the carpet, lighting and furniture at the end of its life. Indispensable for a place that focuses on a healthy environment. The air is ventilated naturally.

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The core

A connection to nature

Nature is the ultimate starting point of UR.zone, nature and the planet are at the heart of our story. We go one step further than zero impact. The techniques to create a positive impact exist. Why wait any longer? By using raw materials and resources more efficiently, we respect the carrying capacity of the planet. For us, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. This environment inspires and creates awareness. 

We hope that in this way more similar initiatives will emerge. In addition, the project focuses on the connection with people. In addition to the ecological aspect, we also include the social dimension in our story. Above all, the user must feel at home here. The materials and techniques, such as human centric lighting, promote well-being and health. The sit-stand desks create increased ergonomics. The garden serves as the relaxation and meeting place par excellence. A good balance between work and relaxation is important.

Also at the level of the environment, UR.zone brings the project to play a connecting role between people in the future. Literally. "We hope that we can draw the connection between The Pintelaan and the Kikvorsstraat behind it. In this way, we bring the users of the university buildings on the Sterre into contact with the residents of New Ghent. The garden will then form the public space where people will enjoy the free passage." In fact, part of that garden will be reserved as a vegetable garden where local food will be produced. This site must radiate the regenerative story in all its facets. A place for the future, both for people and for the planet.

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UR.zone brengt als eerste in België regeneratief bouwen in de praktijk




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