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Our past

Sprouting of UR

As the founder-director of the accredited cooperative BAST Architects, Bruno Deraedt went looking for a suitable place. He noted that there were too few workplaces where Companies that value health and ecology can be addressed.

"We see other sustainable businesses and organizations with similar housing issues. There is a need for entrepreneurs who want to create a positive impact to have a place that nurtures and supports them in developing their dreams." – Bruno Deraedt

That's how Bruno came up with the idea to be in Ghent to create a hybrid part-working space for companies striving to make a sustainable, ecological and social impact. He and his wife Ingrid purchased the listed villa in the Pintelaan and decided to renovate the building, in consultation with Monument Preservation, and furnish it with spaces that could be used for meetings and other team initiatives. The project was named UR ('you are').

The mystical origin of our nameUR‘:
From the Hebrew verb אור (‘or), to be or give light; to shine.
- Ur, the city in Babylon from which Abraham's family came (Genesis 11:31).

With UR (You Are) we want to restore and strengthen the connection with our Earth. Instead of seeing them as a utilitarian space, we want to nurture, honor and elevate them to a nutritional level. Mother Earth, You Are!"

Our present

UR in full blossom

Today UR is ready to welcome you to our beautiful premises. The villa, the warehouse, the garden and our people are eager to explore this natural form of work with you.

The site consists of a monumental villa and adjacent sheds that can be used as work and meeting spaces. UR offers a total of 65 workplaces.

The villa already has a dozen workstations and the large hall for events ready for use. Among others BAST Architects & Engineers en VIBE, a non-profit organization for healthy and environmentally friendly building and living, are currently enthusiastic coworkers here. In addition, at UR you will also find a swimming pool and a garden. UR's doors have been open for the general public since August 2, 2021.

We want to focus on companies and organizations that are engaged in regenerative sustainability. This means that they not only want to discuss their carbon footprint, but also strive to have a make a positive impact on society and the environment.

Dit willen we ook zelf uitstralen, door een monument een nieuw leven te geven en door te werken aan een andere, meer versterkende werkcultuur die supports 21st century entrepreneurship.

Classified monument

The ancient walls of our historic villa make us reflect on the past and are bringing inspiration for the future.

Creative & healthy design

Natural ventilation and human centric lightning also makes the creative interior healthier.

Nature in the city

Access to a green garden with swimming pool to find peace and inspiration in nature.

Multifunctional spaces

Spaces equipped with the right technology makes them very diverse and adaptable for any type of meeting.

Build a wider network with cross-pollination

The social aspect within UR is also highly valued. Here you can expand your network and start cross-pollination processes.

Our future


At UR, we try to do things just a little differently. We focus on strong goals where the process of achieving them is central. Think of cross-pollinations between people, circular economy, co-creating sustainable projects, building a community which is on a light track dancing through the 21st century and so much more. Our dreams are our guides, our intentions are pure. No one knows how far the journey of this ship will carry.

A whole new work culture is emerging at this very moment in which workplaces are shared The workplace is being reinvented as a service for the company and no longer as an asset of a company. UR therefore wants to invest in the future of working/entrepreneurship by making a protected monument accessible to businesses and organizations. 


"At UR, meeting is an experience: you are welcomed with love and care in an inspiring space where everything is provided."
Alexander Mijts
Business director VIBE vzw

Our team

Creating impact together

Bruno Deraedt went


Ingrid Deklerck

Guided by care and green

Charles Staelens

Analysing Connections





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